MAM Adapters

Because babies grow quickly, MAM Soothers come in three sizes ideal for healthy jaw and teeth development. MAM also collaborates with medical experts appointed by the ICMRS (International Children Medical Research Society) to help develop and design innovative, orthodontic soothers that suit baby’s various developmental stages. These are immensely popular but MAM soothers are not compatible with Nibbling Dummy Clips. However, we have developed MAM adapters so your baby can use its favourite dummy without missing out on the benefits of our stylish, soothing and fun pacifier clips.

The clear silicone adapters work as an add-on for any dummies that have a button or knob instead a ring to attach the Dummy Clip. The adapters are 100% steriliser safe and use the same BPA free silicone as the Dummy Clips themselves so they are safe and soft for baby.

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