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Nibbling natural baby teething toys and accessories
Our exclusive Natural Range of untreated wood and silicone baby teething jewellery, pram mobiles and accessories boast a gorgeous combination of natural wood and food-grade silicone.
Assembled in the UK with no additives and no nasty chemicals, they are non toxic and are ideal as baby gifts and make fantastic additions to your baby’s nursery.
Plastic, silicone, and wooden baby toys encourage cognitive development and provide relief from sore gums, offering a natural remedy for teething pain in babies. Wood is the most natural material that a child can put in his mouth and food-grade silicone is naturally antibacterial.
Our Stellar Natural Wood Rattle Rings mix medical grade silicone beads with untreated hand polished beech beads to give a beautiful texture and contrast. This combination provides relief to baby when teething and amusement as they use the rattle. Perfect for the smallest of hands to hold, the distinct combination of textures is ideal for chewing, whilst the noise from the rattle provides a much needed distraction to entertain. This teething toy is also acoustically tested, helps to develop hand coordination and fine motor skills and comes in 9 different colours.
The Forest Friends teething ring collection combines a beautiful marriage of food grade silicone & natural wood in the shape of your little one’s favourite woodland animal. With a textured silicone covering on the beech wood teething ring and cute chewable animal face , this is an instant favorite.
Our Natural Range Pram Mobiles come complete with teething rattle and are made in the UK. The design is a contemporary twist on a classic baby mobile. We mix medical grade silicone beads with untreated hand polished maple wood beads to give a beautiful texture and contrast.